Central Park – New York

Open Idea Competition 2019

Book Studio

“…When I get out of the clattering car, I have a feeling of a heavy black cloth lying over everything despite the summer sun.
The sculptor – as if by chance – is standing in the door with a tool, greets me casually, registering my presence and leaves me to his paradise.
I walk after him into the redbrick house. „Take a look around first!“, and he has already disappeared.
The house is saturated: endless bookshelves with illustrated books; drawings, pictures, posters and postcards on the walls and door frames; curtains in heavy colors, wooden pillars and open timberwork.
I smell elder and jasmine. It’s incredibly quiet…”

„Franziska Hauser: “Sommerdreieck”, Rowohlt Taschenbuchverlag, Reinbek bei Hamburg, 2016


It is like an approach to oneself, finding peace and quiet and indulging in the written word.
Today, tomorrow, – and again and again, in a place far away from the turbulences of everyday life with its inescapable noises.
A solitaire – open to everyone.
The library could be a place for exchanging books as well.
Due to the multi-layered arrangement of the bookshelves, there are different areas of use on two floors. They are connected by two winding staircases and an elevator.
The roof describes the floor plan structure with glass domes, connected to each other by funnel-shaped pillars .
To enjoy plenty of light, to sit in a protected environment and being able to lay back and indulge in the openness of the world were decisive design parameters.

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